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Tesco Bank Vision Board Workshop.

This week I had the honour of working with Tesco Bank at The Gyle in Edinburgh, I delivered a 2 hour Vision board workshop.

To start with I shared my intention and I got the team to share their intentions individually, I then took them into the heart space with their eyes closed and asked them questions to dip deep withing themselves to discover what they truly want, this exercise brought up emotion for the team and when we came out of it there was a chance to share, the team was so open, honest and authentic.

I then shared my own story's of how vision boarding has worked for me on many occasions.

We then as a group got creative and had fun flicking through magazines, cutting, gluing and sharing our dreams and goals.

The team then shared their completed boards and talked about what all the pictures represented to them.

I closed the session with a relaxing meditation.

I have just received feedback from some of the individuals who attended and I am blown away, thank you Tesco Bank for trusting me with your team.

“I thought the session was amazing and exhausting!! I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional journey that left me both exhausted (in a good way) and elated at the same time.

I thought Lynette was such an enthusiastic, passionate, open person. Her energy filled the room and put me at ease as I am often a sceptic about these kind of things. However I felt I really benefited from the session. Loved the vision board and am going to complete mine and focus on it to try to make some positive change within my life.

I would highly recommend Lynette.”

“My time with Lynette in our Vision Boarding session was a truly amazing experience.  Her visible and infectious passion for humanity and helping people be the best version of themselves is so evident.  Her session gave me time to reflect deeply about what matters to me and what I need to change / focus on.  Thank  you Lynette for inspiring me and making me think differently about what’s really important.”

“Lynette’s communication style and friendliness helped to set the scene, immediately putting me and my workmates at ease.  Her positive attitude were infectious and her stories helped to build confidence in what we were doing. 

The meditation part of the event was done in a way that even those who hadn’t done meditation before didn’t feel uncomfortable. 

I really enjoyed the visioning section of the session, an opportunity to get creative and forget about some of the challenges of work for half an hour was most welcome. 

It was a great opportunity to focus on our own well-being and take time out to focus on ourselves, Lynette led us through it with great warmth.”

“I thought the session was great – Lynette created a positive, inclusive, supportive environment which helped draw out the important things in line and put them in focus. Hoping this will be the kick up the backside I need to develop some of these areas further”

“Lynette put everyone at ease, she is very open and creates a safe environment for participants”

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