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Community Yoga at Beetroot Wellness Centre Edinburgh.

Beetroot Wellness Centre is a beautiful space located inside Beetroot Sauvage which is a plant-based Cafe in Edinburgh.

I have been going to the cafe for a few months now, mostly ordering french toast with berry compote and coconut cream but this morning I attended their community yoga which is a complimentary yoga class every Friday 10am - 11am!

Today my amazing friend Laura Weavers was teaching and I was blown away by her class, she really focused on our abs and as I type this now I can feel my abs, they are ALIVE, my belly has awakened!

The studio is beautiful, big and light, it also has under floor heating which felt so good when we went into savasana.

Yoga is connection and the energy in the room felt very connected, there is something very powerful in attending large yoga sessions, I have been buzzing ever since.

After the class I experienced even more bliss when I headed down stairs for some plant-based treats, today I had banana bread which was delicious.

Thank you Beetroot Sauvage and Laura, so grateful to be held, guided and fed today.

"Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked."


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